Tree of Life Onesie

Welcome, it's Matthew here from ByJackson with an interesting story on how The Tree of Life Onesie came to light.

One day while crawling in traffic my partner says to me," We should make a shirt with this on it." she then shows me The tree of life picture. I instantly thought perhaps the tree of life was the first tree ever or maybe the tree Adam and Eve sat under. My partner explains that the tree of life gave birth to everything in existence. Interesting concept so I do the research and discover an abundant amount of information. 

The tree of life stems from biology to religion to mythology. In essence the tree of life is the interconnection of all of life.

Charles Darwin utilized the tree of life in the evolutionary sense.  

In Bahrain the tree of life stands 32 feet high on a hill in the Arabian Desert. This tree of life is approximately  400 years old and scientist believe it draws water in from an underground stream two miles away.

The tree of Utah, which is also known as the tree of life, is an 87 foot high sculpture.

Disney's Animal Kingdom has the tree of life as its icon. This icon is an artificial baob tree standing 145 feet tall.

Ancient Egyptian mythology has the tree of life demonstrating the order, process and method of creation.

Every religion refers to the tree of life in their own interpretations.

I thank my partner Samantha for this interesting concept and assistance in its design. At first draft the text was made out of branches that I duplicated off of the tree. Samantha suggested that we make the roots of the tree form the text and have the text camouflage itself. As Partners in this entity or any entity it is vital to keep each other sharp. The tree of life shows me that we all must consistently be our best selves.

Thank You For Your Support.


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