Off The Walll

Off The Wall 

The Off the Wall Onesie is inspired by Jackson. First he goes from crawling on the floor, to standing using the chairs, the tables and couch. Then Jackson began to walk utilizing the same crutches yet once he found the wall he really started to walk. When I first witnessed him utilizing the wall to walk I said to myself; "Off the wall, he's walking off the wall." Soon after that Jackson really began to walk off the wall and by himself without the wall. These are the inspirations which gave birth to the Off The Wall onesie The onesies design and color scheme makes for a great onesie. Even my sister purchased one for her son/my nephew Mason and snapped a picture of him walking, rocking the Off The Wall onesie. The uploaded image is of my nephew Mason. Shout out to Mason. Children are so AMAZING that my heart sends blessings to all the children in the world, be GOOD. 

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