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Good evening, I'm Matthew M. one of the two partners here at

I had a partner back in My EMS days and one day she brought in a plastic bowl of tuna with crackers. The crackers were all placed in a circle all around the bowl and it tasted GREAT!

So GREAT in fact that she gave me the recipe that day and it stuck with me ever since. I'm talking years ago yet I have recently made the recipe for my family the other day & even had enough left for next days lunch. Scrumptious!

Id like to share the recipe in my next blog but Y wait.   Tuna Recipe: 3 cans of tuna , 1 Lemon , 1 red onion, 2 Plum tomato's, Kosher Salt , pepper, Mayonnaise, Crackers (salt or Ritz)

Open cans of tuna, drain , place in bowl & season with salt & pepper.

Chop up the red onion in tiny ity pieces 

Chop up the tomatoes in tiny pieces 

Cut lemon in half n squeeze only half the lemon in bowl with tuna. Add chopped red onions & tomatoes & mayonnaise and mix it up real good.

Dress plate or bowl with tuna and crackers, be creative and enjoy a scrumptious delight Curtesy of an ex partner of mines and 




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