Beautiful boy ONESIE ByJackson

Beautiful boy ONESIE ByJackson

This onesie was designed with the Beatles song in mind by my fiancee. To me the inspiration runs deeper. Please read on to learn about how we fell in love and had our Beautiful Boy. 


As a career woman I never believed that one day I would meet Mr. Right. I never knew I would have a beautiful Son. I thought I was happy being single, childless and career motivated. One day I met a man at work. He was fixing the lights in the ceiling. I had noticed a leak in a sink and placed a work order to have it repaired. Moments later the same man was fixing the sink. He was handsome and responsive. He smiled as he worked and was pleasant. I couldn’t believe this man came down off the ladder and went straight to the next job without missing a beat. He was much like me; hardworking, smart, funny, diligent and mysterious. That man watched me walk out the door in wonder. He had a smile on his handsome face as he watched and later I found out he was admiring my confidence, smiling at the bounce in my step. We joked at work and became quick friends, texting and flirting. I could rely on him for anything at work and in friendship. I invited him over for New Years but he was working. To my surprise we came together on New Years Eve 2015. He was at work and the ball was going to drop while he was in transit. It didn’t matter he traveled through the night; train, boat, train and by 2 am he was at my door. My mom had surprised me by showing up after the ball had dropped. I was not expecting her or the friend she brought with her. I was expecting him, the man from work who was so sweet and special to me by this point. So as fate would have it this man arrives only moments after my Mom and her friend. That first toast was magic. Laughing at the moment because I was not ready for my Mom to meet this man. He was so nice to see and it was fun to experience the awkward first date with Mom popping in. The night wound down and sleep was upon us. We woke early to go back to work. Both of us scheduled to work the holiday. We walked through the city coffee in hand reeling from the night prior. All of a sudden he goes down, slow motion fall, coffee still in hand he hits the concrete. Laughing we see his shoe was stuck in a plastic band he stepped into while walking along. He was falling for me literally and I for him. Our love grew quickly and soon I was pregnant, excited and ready to become a mother and a wife to the most amazing man, this man I met at work, which was so wonderful in every way. We had a son, a beautiful boy who was a split image of he and I, born from love that started one ordinary day at work.

We continued to work together and even started this website,

This website is of our imagination stemmed from the experience we have had raising our son. Enjoy! 

Thank You for Your Support 

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